Our Activities

S25 Lunchtime Concerts

Festival Concerts

Every two weeks we host the S25 lunchtime concert in the foundation’s room, at Spalenvorstadt 25, near Universität Basel and the Hochschule für Musik. 

The half-hour concerts offer young soloists and small ensembles the opportunity of a concert, and a stimulating lunch break for those in attendance. Our audience can enjoy an intimate atmosphere and a variety of music - early music, classical (with a focus on contemporary classical) or jazz - and get to get to know our musicians afterwards over a drink.

The lunchtime concerts take place on Thursday, beginning at 12:30pm and lasting half an hour. Entry is free, with a voluntary donation on leaving. Our concert room seats 70 people.

New concert series ‘Heure bleue’

Twilight, the hours between night and day - in French  ‘l'heure bleue- has always inpsired musicians and composers. The gentleness and vague intermittence of these hours compliments our new concert format, which will take place at the end of the day at different times and irregular intervals, mostly connected with cultural events in Basel. A quiet moment to pause and listen will end with a glass of wine in our beautiful yard.

Since 2014 we have taken part with our own series of concerts alternately  at “ZeitRäume Basel” and “KlangBasel. This also provides an excellent opportunity for our young ensembles to perform to a broad audience.

Both festivals open up the power and diversity of the region of Basel to the general public. The participants predominantly come from the local music scene. “KlangBasel” is musically and thematically open. “ZeitRäume Basel” seeks to build new connections between music and architecture and makes use of spaces outside of traditional concert spaces. Till now our festival concerts have taken place at the old Klingental gymnasium, the antiques shop at Petersgraben, the room at the top of the tower at the Warteck workshop, and the Museum Tinguely.