Our Activities

B4 Concerts & B4Night Concerts

Pop-up Concerts

B4 concerts are half-hour concerts over lunchtime, which take place in the office of the foundation. The office is located by Petersplatz, near Basel University and the Hochschule für Musik. 

The B4 concerts gives advanced students of the Hochschule für Musik Basel or other colleges, singers or instrumentalists from the Schola Cantorum, the Classical section or the Jazz section the opportunity to perform a program to a small audience. For the audience the concerts offer a stimulating lunch break with small snacks on offer. The concerts take place every two weeks on Thursday at 12:30pm.

B4Night concerts take place roughly four times per year, although this is a point of contention amongst the young musicians. The concerts last an hour and a glass of wine is available afterwards. The program should have a particular theme or there should be a special reason for the concert.

The office has room for up to 60 people.

Entry is free.

Since 2014 the city of Basel has introduced two new autumn festivals. Taking place over several days and alternating yearly,  ‘KlangBasel’ and ‘ZeitRäume Basel, Biennale for New Music and Architecture’ aim to showcase the city’s rich music culture and attract a broad audience.

The musical theme of KlangBasel festival is open, whereas ZeitRäumeBasel is, as the title suggests, a thematically integrated festival with an artistic director. The ‘new music’ ranges from contemporary back to 20th century composers and the architectural connection is represented by the ‘new spaces’, i.e. the spaces outside the traditional concert rooms, where the performances take place.

The Swiss Foundation for Young Musicians has taken part in these festivals with our own series of concerts since their inception. As previously with our pop-up concerts, we have selected special venues to host our concerts: for ZeitRäume 2015 our “HofKonzerte” took place in the beautiful old second-hand bookshop in Petersgraben; for KlangBasel 2016 our “GYM Concerts” took place in an old gymnasium; and for 2017 our “Turm-Konzerte” will take place in the Turmstübli, at Werkraum Warteck.

Both festivals draw participating musicians from the active music scene in Basel.

Foryoungmusicians invites between 25 - 45 musicians who have performed in our B4 Concerts to take part at these festivals, which in turn consist of between 15 - 20 concerts. The programs are agreed upon beforehand and the musicians are paid for their performances.

For more information see klangbasel.ch and zeitraeumebasel.ch