The purpose of the foundation

There are a great number of gifted and creative young musicians who are dying to showcase their abilities and projects. This is exactly where the foundation steps in: our concert series gives them the opportunity to play to an interested and engaged audience.

Our musicians come from all over the world. The majority of them study at the Hochschule für Musik in Basel or at other Swiss music colleges. For the most part they live in Switzerland, many in Basel.

We want to support your projects, be they solo, small instrumental and/or vocal ensembles. That encompasses your talent as as an musician or composer as well as your engagement in the programme composition. We have, on occasion, organised world premieres or Swiss premieres of pieces.

Our focus rests on the composition of short programmes with contemporary and 20th century music. We are open for every kind of programme selection that inspires us. We are also happy to combine short programmes between different ensembles to encourage interconnection between musicians and demonstrate parallels or contrasts to our audience.

We shape each programme in intensive collaboration with the musicians - also part of the promotion. The musicians receive a fee for their performance, and we allow them to use audio recordings, video clips and photos for their websites and future promotion.