Our Cause

The number of talented, honest and creative young musicians and ensembles, yearning to demonstrate their abilities, far outstretches the opportunities they have to perform. It is with these musicians that the foundation seeks to engage, whilst at the same time taking into account the demand for new forms of performance. The foundation's initiatives seek to find and develop all "alternative" types of concerts and in doing so enthuse a young audience with music.

Our aim is to organise concerts in different cities across Switzerland with unusual ensemble formations, in which the spectrum of vocal and instrumental music is primarily performed, allowing both public and performers to experience new and unusual acoustic spaces. The musicians are paid for their performances.

We strive to cooperate with other cultural institutions and forge new friendships. The foundation does not financially support projects with which it is not directly involved.

The Swiss Foundation for Young Musicians was founded under the name Swiss Foundation for the Vocal Arts in 2012 in Basel with the financial donation of a music lover. Since 2015 the foundation changed its name to Swiss Foundation for Young Musicians. The foundation is charitable and does not seek to make a profit.