We promote young, unestablished musicians,
particularly small ensembles - vocal and instrumental -
both within and outside of Switzerland.

La Boz Galana

Our Cause

The number of talented, honest and creative young musicians and ensembles, yearning to demonstrate their abilities, far outstretches the opportunities they have to perform. It is with these musicians that the foundation seeks to engage, whilst at the same time taking into account the demand for new forms of performance. The foundation's initiatives seek to find and develop all "alternative" types of concerts and in doing so enthuse a young audience with music.

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Our Activities

B4 Concerts

B4 concerts are half-hour concerts over lunchtime, which take place in the office of the foundation. The office is located by Petersplatz, near Basel University and the Hochschule für Musik.

B4Night concerts take place roughly four times per year, although this is a point of contention amongst the young musicians. The concerts last an hour and a glass of wine is served afterwards. The program should have a particular theme or there should be a special reason for the concert.


Since 2014 the city of Basel has introduced two new autumn festivals. Taking place over several days and alternating yearly,  ‘KlangBasel’ and ‘ZeitRäume Basel, Biennale for New Music and Architecture’ aim to showcase the city’s rich music culture and attract a broad audience. 

foryoungmusicians has taken part in these festivals with our own series of concerts since their inception.  

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Concerts in August - September 2019

Spalenvorstadt 25, 4051 Basel

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Are you a musician or composer, interested in performing at one of our concerts? If so, please get in touch!